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Setting Overview
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Between the shining Kingdom of Cormyr and the dangerous lands of the Moonsea lie the Dalelands, a region of rich farmland and dark, brooding forests. Referred to by the locals as simply "the Dales," the area is hidden in the virgin woodlands of the ancient Elven Court. The people there acknowledge no overlord and pay tribute to no great power, but instead jealously guard their independence and freedom from their larger neighbors.

For hundreds of years, Dalesmen have led rustic lives. Scattered in small communities, they have learned that the price of freedom is sober responsibility. People count on no one but themselves, or perhaps the fellow who lives in the next farm over. Hard work and clean living will succeed where foreign magic and plots fail.

Unfortunately, the Dalesmen have found that their simple lifestyle and morals aren't always enough. To the north lie the black battlements of Zhentil Keep, ruled by dangerous and manipulative folk who would like nothing better than to add the Dales to their list of conquests. To the south is the young nation of Sembia -- wealthy, ambitious, and strong. West of the Dales are broken mountains and badlands where all kinds of evil creatures plot raids and war against the Dales below. The freedom of the Dales often rests on the point of a sword.

In the old elven woods, the Cormanthor, ruins and old secrets lie waiting, some harboring wondrous treasures and others horrible death. The ancient woods are not so quiet or empty as the Dalesmen would like, and all sorts of brigands, bandits, and monsters have made their home in the dark forests and tors that lie between the Dales.

With the elven retreat, changes are sweeping this region, and adventure has come again to the Dales. From Scardale to Shadowdale, from Battledale to Teshendale, high peril, dark magic and ancient ruins wait for the bold of heart.

Welcome to Cormanthor. To acquaint yourself with the setting, you may read the following supplements:

- Cormanthor Wiki
- Volo's Guide to the Dalelands (external pdf)
- The Dalelands (external pdf)
- Map of the Region

If you have not yet read the server outline, please do.
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