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Server Outline (Start Here!)
« on: September 09, 2010, 10:44:20 PM »
Basic Outline:

Cormanthor is a roleplaying persistent world for Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition.

It is based in the Forgotten Realms setting, and more specifically in the Dalelands and the forest of Cormanthor. It is planned to include the regions of Mistledale, Battledale, Featherdale, Deepingdale, the Cormanthor, and the ruins of Myth Drannor.

It is planned to allow for a largely player-driven and faction-based campaign, where the player characters may push forward and develop the story.

For more information about our setting, look here!

Date: The current in-game year is 1376 DR for the duration of 2019.

Canon: Though we adhere to the general ideas introduced by WotC in the 3rd Edition incarnation of the Forgotten Realms, the moment the campaign began we effectively departed from written canon. This occurred at the end of 1372 DR; for a timeline of events since then, see our wiki Events section.

Level and XP advancement: Characters start off at third level. The maximum level attainable will be 20. As a roleplaying server, we encourage characters of all levels to join DM events, engage in in-character politics, and interact with our world.

Adventuring is the primary source of XP, and characters can progress to level 12 via dungeon exploration alone. There is an XP Shaping system in place which looks at a character's total time active in-game to award a bonus if they've been leveling slowly or reduce XP if they're too far ahead.

There is another source of XP called Achievement XP which is not affected by the level 12 cap or the XP Shaping system. Achievement XP is earned by participating in DM events, leading factions, writing character stories, and otherwise is meant to be a reflection of any marks your character makes on our world. Achievement XP is permanent across all levels and cannot be lost via death or any other means.

Death: Respawning will come at the cost of 100 XP per level and 100 GP per level. Permadeath is only enforced in rare cases and at the admin's discretion: generally for characters who have proven so villainous or troublesome that other players struggle to suspend disbelief any longer in their presence. Please keep this in mind if you choose to play an evil-aligned character.

DMs and Plots: We strongly believe in active DM-to-player interaction in order to enrich the server world. Though you may interact often with DMs, it is strongly advised that you start/join a faction or a group of characters in order to put your mark on in-game events and history. If you choose to make a lone wolf character we will still do our best to include you, but remember that roleplay is an inherently social activity and you may have more fun if you manufacture events such that your character is forced to interact with others - even if they don't enjoy it.

We do our best to promote and build a setting in which intrigue, politics, and other such interaction is prominent. We strongly believe that players can advance a story on their own without relying entirely on DM support. As such, your characters - if you play their cards right - may become figures who can alter the setting and story and take it in different, unexpected directions. Responsible (and OOCly friendly) players in key positions allow for plots to bloom in the absence of present DMs and provide more action during the "quiet hours".

We encourage players to be proactive and communicate with the DM/Admin team about their goals for their characters and any intentions of 'group' formation or ambitions within the setting. Help us help you have fun.

Races: Please review the Technical Manual for the races available for play. Please note: races with an ECL such as a planetouched or an underdark denizen are currently not available.

Rules: Have fun! Help everyone else have fun! Be an adult! The detailed version can be found here.
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