Purchasing Property

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Purchasing Property
« on: November 06, 2011, 04:23:33 PM »
Purchasing Property

We allow characters to purchase property in order to help foster roleplay, whether for use by their guild, faction, adventuring company, or friends. Purchased areas may be private, public, or a mix thereof.

Property can be purchased by speaking to the Administrator or Lead Builder.

Guildhouses, Group Bases, and Faction Hideouts
Guilds, groups, and factions have the ability to purchase a 'base' in Cormanthor. These become group owned, regardless of whether an individual character paid the gold cost.

Guilds, groups, and factions are encouraged to start small. It's cheaper and easier to set your band up and running with a modest base to start with. If your group grows and/or acquires more influence, you may also expand your property, perhaps move to a different building, or eventually commission your own new construction.

Group housing typically includes key-locked areas for group use only. Group property typically comes with minimal staff for property upkeep, maintenance, and reception functions. You may choose the kind of NPC you recruit to fulfil this role, within reason.

(Guildhouses, especially, may end up sharing some characteristics with shops, below. Furthermore in some cases a public building may simply be a front for a secret group base/faction hideout.)

Shops, Taverns, & Other Services
Some characters find that, rather than founding or joining an organization, their calling is the service industry. Characters may open shops, libraries, taverns, temples, even orphanages, and so on, if they have the personal drive, resources, and local clout to set them up.

These kinds of buildings are distinct because they offer public access to the majority of the area and provide a service that NPCs and PCs alike may partake of. A basic level of staffing is generally included in a price (you may choose the kind of NPCs you recruit, within reason) and any stock sold is usually assumed to be something that your character can (and does) trade for in their 'off-screen' time. You are welcome to create items for these properties to sell (subject to the item rules and lead builder approval).

Private Homes
Characters may purchase small homes to facilitate RP. These are typically small scale.

Purchasing a home tends to mean a character is personally invested in a settlement in some way for them to choose to make a permanent home there. Homes may be purchased in any of the settlements currently in-module, or developed in other locations in the wilderness. We restrict private homes to one per character.

Property Prices and Technical Details
Property prices vary by location, desired size, and how much 'work' needs to be put into making it habitable. For example, an apartment or house can be purchased and moved into quickly, while a ruin in the forest may take more time and effort to make habitable, and a structure built from scratch in the wilderness will take considerably longer and at greater expense and more danger.

Fully or specially staffing property (perhaps hiring workers, a complement of trained guards, or foreign dancers) may also come at expense, though this is mitigated if characters manage to persuade other (perhaps wealthy or well-connected) NPCs to join their guild or invest in the business.

Other common perks of private property include "free" rest areas and persistent storage containers for personal or group use. Other perks are possible, but will be assessed on a case by case basis.

Property prices are determined on a case by case basis and are not always purely gold based.

You may (and are encouraged to) build your own interior, and will be provided with a compatible base module to do so, though your area will be subject to size constraints and may be edited further by a member of the build team before it is added to the server module. Alternatively, you may provide rough specifications to the build team, and they will build it for you. Note that our build team is comprised entirely of volunteers who work on what they want, when they want, when they have time.

Once added to the module, we reserve the right to alter, repurpose, or remove any area at any time as we see fit. We aggressively repurpose unused areas, especially in highly-trafficked parts of the module.
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