The Waking Dead

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The Waking Dead
« on: October 27, 2011, 02:06:34 PM »
The undead troubles of Mistledale will come to head... this weekend! (IC exposition and scene-setting updates to come.)

Saturday 29 October, 8pm British time in Mistledale, natch.

(I may be willing to reschedule to the same time but on Sunday if enough prospective attendees find their Saturday too busy.)

 As ever it'd help me if attendees could again RSVP here, forum PM, or on IRC please.
Her skin is pale, her eyes are red,
Her leaden voice commands the dead,
To rise and stand beside their dreadful queen.
No mortal power escapes her thrall,
Her hunger will consume us all,
And even now I hear her call: Jolene