An Attempted Assassination

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An Attempted Assassination
« on: May 12, 2011, 11:05:07 PM »
Gossipmongers have a field day following Ilmeth's open meeting at which folk could bring their issues to his notice. While some claim the elves brought all manner of issues that are not Battledale's concern (including tales of dragons in the region once more, oh no!), most folk cannot stop talking about what happened when Ilmeth attempted to disband the meeting after Essembrans called for him to answer as to how much the festival had cost, and why the Men At Arms had not yet received their promised raise!

Eyewitnesses are telling others (when the Men At Arms aren't nearby, at least) that one of the Lord's own bodyguards raised his sword and attacked Old Ilmeth crying "Death to tyrants!" Apparently in the scuffle Ilmeth himself wasn't too badly hurt, and some of the adventurers, most of whom were elves, slew the attacker. Some are saying this in admiration, others berating the tragic foolishness of youth, others wondering if there's something rotten at the heart of Essembra...

The bodyguard's widow, though, has been saying to sympathetic visitors that her poor husband Abram was under some kind of spell to attack Lord Ilmeth, and that Ilmeth doesn't blame him for what happened and shall be paying all funeral expenses. Canny folk notice that the woman is no longer wearing her wedding ring though, and after only a month of marriage too, and these cynical sorts insist that she's just suffering from wishful thinking.

... what the adventurers have to say (being outside of the gossip circles and social politicking of Essembra's citizenry) is, potentially, something else entirely.
Her skin is pale, her eyes are red,
Her leaden voice commands the dead,
To rise and stand beside their dreadful queen.
No mortal power escapes her thrall,
Her hunger will consume us all,
And even now I hear her call: Jolene